Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hello, one and ALL!

Last week
We had 5 people go to Regina for the retreat. It was amazing, I never knew how important charity and fulfilling peoples needs was to salvation and church community.

This Week

We have Fr. Vladimir Lysac (formally known as Bill). He is a good family friend of mine and agreed to take time off his backlog of icons (in between trips around North America) to come to speak. He is a world famous iconographer who studyied under Heiko in Edmonton and under the monks in New Valaamo (Archbshop Seraphim's former Monastery(OCA)) and Moscow. He is going to speak about his journey to monasticism and iconography. He is going to attempt to explain the experience of being a monk but more importantly, offer his opinion on artistic worship and whether artistic people should be inconographers?

HE WILL BE SPEAKING WEDNESDAY March 19, 4:30 PM at the GROUP SPACE . The topic is "Worship through the Arts, Iconography as a Vocation" Wednesday, March 19, 4:30pm @ Group Space.

We will then go to St. Vincents for 6:30 pm Presanctified Liturgy Which Father will serve and then he will speak on "Beauty in My House: Church Beautification" Wednesday, March 19, 8:00pm @ St. Vincents Orthodox Church, right after the service he will begin. FREE SUPPER will be served AFTER the TALK.

See posters below. Please come as he has traveled quite far (5 hrs) from his Icon writing retreat in rural Southwest Sask.


NOTE: WEDNESDAY is our second last meeting.

March 25 will be a bible discussion group on the epistles of John (very short epistles) 1hr thing.
APRIL 1 will be canceled due to the business of school and life for everyone.
Then April 8 will be a year end BBQ/Potluck.