Sunday, March 23, 2008


Last week was wonderful with 6 people for the first talk and 35 for the second. Fr. Vladimir led us in an insightful look at what is an icon and whether any artistic person should be an iconographer. In short the answer was only if you want to glorify God and not for personal fame. He also talked about the theology behind icons and using creativity in the worship of God.

This Week
We will have a short bible study on the 3 epistles of John @ Group Space, Tuesday 5:15 pm March 25 . There will be pop and snacks provided. Please bring a bible and read the 1st epistle before.

Next Week
No Meeting due to business of school

Week After
Will be the BBQ and general meeting, location and time to be announced, If you have an exam on Saturday April 12 please email us, as that is the most likely time
Also please consider joining the exec, we normally split up meeting organizing so you only have to organize one a month, please consider it.

OCF Krew