Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I apologize, it has come to my attention(by five emails pertaining to the matter) that I put the wrong date down for the OCF meeting, which explains the lack of attendance. The small amount of people that showed up discussed OCF. It was decided that we would meet twice a month, on the 2 and 3 week. One time will be a prayer time followed by a fun activity and then the other a speaker followed by food.

The times suggested are,

1) Monday 4:00pm
2) Wednesday 5:00pm
3) Thursday 5:00pm

Please email the ones you can make it to so we can decide, we will only meet twice this term. The first time will be bowling and an akathist. The second a talk on being angry at God and then a pizza or potluch. I have also line up a person to give a bible study on 1 John in febraury. We may have a talk in december. As following our mandate of growing Orthodox young adults in fellowship and Christ we will be focusing on bible studies this year.

Also, I need your input, meet somewhere on campus, at a church, or at someones house, what works better?

Please email me with your input. I will make a decision on saturday, so we can get the ball rolling on organizing november meetings.

If you want to go the Nov 7-9 retreat, email me at mrl999(at), we still have some open spots. It is only 50$ for all accomodations and food, or $20 if you can only come for saturday(the day with the talks). If there is a problem with money, we may be able to accomodate you. It should be quite fun, we have a good movie called Ostrow lined up, a gym to play sports, and a football and frisbee. We should also have many guitars out there if you would like to bring yours. Mathew Francis is an amazing individual, I encourage you to come and here what he has to say, he has wisdom beyond his years.

Michael Luciuk
OCF President